• Precision outdoor fire design and furnishings


TrueFlame offers one of the most Comprehensive Outdoor Leisure programs on the market. For our warehouse program products are available directly from the NC distribution center. B2B customers are able to login to our Business portal and order directly from their as well as email us an order to be processed by the next business day.  Once the order is processed our professional warehouse kicks into high gear and packs and ships the products the next day.  Tracking is provided as well as an inventory feed so that our online re-sellers can instantly see what is available through an API.

For the larger customers our direct Import program saves you time and money. We provide the complete solution from Quality designed products to supply chain management and logistics. Once you place the order True Flame management kicks in and Cubes the containers, schedules the production and deals with all of the logistics to your door.

TrueFlame is one of the most advanced developers in the industry. Always pushing the design and development process of products to match the demand.

True Flame prototype process. Each customer may require unique products and True Flame has the ability to Prototype quickly.

True Flame has many of the most advanced engineers in our industry working on new and unique innovative technology. The Automated home is advancing quickly and True Flame is one of the companies developing APP based products to meet that demand.



True Flame customer service is our primary focus. We are there to help resolve any issues the customers may have instantly. We have been servicing the Outdoor Leisure Industry for over 30 years and know customer care counts.


TrueFlame product development and Quality is what sets us apart. The step by step quality control checkpoints and packing make the TrueFlame product a superior Quality product. With some of the most advanced Engineers working with Trueflame our technology is developed by the best in this industry.


TrueFlame designers and developers have been in the Outdoor Hearth and leisure industry for so many years and have helped elevate and develop the category. We have some of the most advanced designers and engineers on the TrueFlame team.


TrueFlame was developed by designers and then placed into a functional product through our engineers. We focus on making the Design flow with the backyard space through color, shape and function.