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1/2″ Sky Non-reflective Fire Glass

1/2″ Sky Non-reflective Fire Glass

Tempered to withstand high temperatures without emitting any smoke or toxins. 1/2″ is the dimension between the two flat sides.

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Fire Glass can be used in many situations to enhance the outdoor and indoor design environment. Traditionally it is used in fire pits and indoor fireplaces to allow the fire to dance around the glass reflecting itself on the color of the glass and creating a design that enhances the fire pit or fireplace. There are many different colors of fire glass depending on your color scheme as well as your furniture design and house design. Some designers like to keep the fire pit or fireplace design neutral while other designers like to enhance the viewers eye for design.

The glass creates a elegance of design that you cannot get from traditional lava rock or gas logs. Most upscale houses or hotels will enhance the environment by using glass over fire for the glittering affect of the glass mesmerizes the viewer and relaxes the atmosphere. Traditional gas logs, while nice to view does not provide this color scheme as well as the constant changing of colors on the glass. There are many finished on the glass like reflective and non-reflective glass as well as the thickness of the glass 1/4″ or 1/2″ glass.

STOHN has the complete color pallet of all glass on the market and continues to work on enhancing the offerings by working closely with outdoor landscape professionals and architects.

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