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Flame-tec WeatherBeater Electronic Control System HC

Flame-tec WeatherBeater Electronic Control System HC

The Weather Beater Electronic Control System is the ultimate control for outdoor fire features.
Powered by a state of the art microprocessor, it provides safe and sure control of ignition and operation. Built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, the WeatherBeater constantly monitors your fire and will even relight it in the case unusually high winds or rain temporarily extinguishes it. Flame-tec uses commercial grade components to ensure years of trouble free operation and even includes on-board diagnostics to report on the units performance. Available for use with LP or Natural gas. Ask about our wireless Bluetooth controls that let you operate the unit from a smartphone or tablet.
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A high-capacity system designed for control of fire features up to 500,000 BTUs. This slightly larger system features a dual latching valve providing back up control of gas flow. The right choice for demanding applications. 3/4″ inlet and outlet, 2 psi compatible. This unit will become available in late 2018.

The Weather Beater Electronic Control System is the ultimate control for outdoor fire features. Neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night…may be the motto for the post office, but it applies to the Weather Beater equally well. This ignition and control module will perform through wind, rain,
freezing temperatures, salt air and more.

Powered by a state of the art microprocessor, the Weather Beater provides safe and sure control
by sensing if the flame goes out, then relighting automatically. If for some reason the fire does not
relight the module will safely stop the flow of gas.

Weather Beater meets and exceeds all the latest standards for installation near water while operating fire features up to 290,000 BTU’s. The simple on-off operation can be controlled by your choice of switch, pool controller or optional remote control. Flame-tec also offers Bluetooth and wifi controllers so you can use a smart phone, tablet or smart watch to effortlessly set the mood with just a touch or voice command. Whatever fire pit or fire feature you choose, make sure the Weather Beater Electronic Control is at the heart of the system. Its small footprint fits in most any application, while its abundant features insure maximum enjoyment and years of dependable service. Available for use with natural or propane gas.

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4.5" x 4.5" x 5


12/24 volt waterproof transformer included


Large "hot surface" ignition (HSI)


Stainless Steel

Gas Supply

1/2" NPT Inlet and Outlet. NG / LP convertible (Conversion included for Pilot)


Nickel Coated Long Life thermocouple.


Potted electronics for moisture protection




Waterproof connectors (HSI,TC,power)

Temperature Range

-20 to -175 Fahrenheit


Z-21.20-2004 / CSA 229521-165058

Manufactured in


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